Wed 13th
Eva Louise Henderson
Purple Dragon Mother:
Healing from Child Abuse

Tonight, Eva Louise Henderson will be speaking about healing from child abuse. Drawing on her 14 years of front line work with survivors of abuse, she will be discussing child abuse and its’ effects on lives: what abuse is, what it does to lives and her views on abuse having worked with it for so long.  Eva Louise suffered 15 years of complex child abuse herself and has therefore walked the path she will be discussing and knows what it looks like. She will discuss what to do to heal – practical steps to take to address pain, grief, anger, guilt, shame, low self-esteem, wider relationships and how to feel better.  We will look at the full healing journey, including when we get lost in it and how we know when we have finished.  All of this is underpinned with experience, spirituality, kindness and compassion for the many millions who suffered as children and continue to suffer today.

Eva Louise comes from Surrey and has recently moved to Glastonbury. She provides an online support resource for survivors at and her book Purple Dragon Mother: Healing from Child Abuse is available from Amazon and the bookshops on Glastonbury High Street. She was broadcast speaking live from the National CSA Inquiry in London and has recently become involved with the American SPCC, for whom she will be vlogging. She also plays guitar and sings, and is writing her first novel.


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