Wed 25th
Joy Hicklin-Bailey
Your Freedom in Being –
Living Awake, Alive, Open

In this evening we will explore ways in which we can discover the infinite power & creativity that is, when we let go into life, here, now.

Learn how to deepen your relating, to help those in your work and personal life more effectively and enrich and energise your own life at the same time.

We will explore this inspiring  approach for increased freedom, ease, happiness and creativity in a way that means we can begin to apply it in our daily life as we experience a measurable letting go (for good) of perceived and conditioned limitations.

Let go…Living Light, Embodied.

Your joy in being arises from the most intimate, the wonder of no-thing being every-thing.

When essence – the true source of your joy and blossoming – is embodied, the more alive you are. You are also physically stronger, more supple, flexible and have great mental clarity.

Though the mind is tranquil, there arises a focus and collectedness which doesn’t become distracted. Energy and intelligence is downloaded directly. The right actions arise, the best decisions are apparently made.

Awaken and surrender to the joy of Being!

Joy brought her work with relationships to Glastonbury Positive Living Group in 2015 in a powerful and thought provoking evening. All Joy’s talks address the challenges of genuine growth and awakening. She weaves vivid stories with cutting edge research in neuroscience and psychology to reveal previously hidden pathways to sustainable, deeply transformational change. Joy is invited to give talks and addresses regularly about her work at corporate functions, colleges and public events in the UK and internationally. In this evening she will talk about the core and underlying context of all her work in sessions and Secret Garden gatherings. Joy is currently working on two book projects: ‘The Most Intimate’ and ‘Joyful Loving – How You Can Live Awakened Intimacy’.

“There have been so many wonderul Awakenings since the New Year retreat with you & Tim. And the depth of intimacy we now share with each other is extra-ordinary; we feel totally Alive in each others presence & deepens with every moment. Thank you so much!” ~ Alaistair, Glos.

“This work can benefit people immensely and profoundly in ways that are right for them…. This is a beautiful gift to give to yourself and a profound way to value your life” ~ Susan, London

“I have noticed the dissolving of a subtle cocoon I had wrapped myself in of mostly unconscious protection mechanisms. I am more courageous and freer, I feel safer within myself even in the midst of unpredictability. This simple tool has made a very quick and powerful difference on many levels of my being. I am a writer and in the last month I wrote three new pieces and finished a novel I had struggled with for ages” ~ Oscar, London

“Amazing, exhilarating, challenging and joyous! I never thought it was possible to feel so happy and free from the control of my head. The unconditional love and safe, protected environment is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. This should be made mandatory for everyone to set themselves free!” ~ Karen, Narberth

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