Wed 18th
Peter Knight
Sacred Landscapes:
Ways of Connecting, Ways of Remembering

Peter returns to the group with another inspiring and informative presentation. Peter has had eleven books published about sacred sites and ancient wisdom and tonight will talk about connecting with sacred sites and natural places on a deeper level. He will use examples from his latest book, Dartmoor Mindscapes, as well as from his other works.

Peter advocates that all landscapes are living interfaces – places where we can connect with the Earth Spirit and with the deeper aspects of ourselves. He will show how we can walk landscapes mindfully, in the footsteps of our ancestors, and interact with rock simulacra, ley line energies, stone circles, propped and balanced rocks to consciously seek out the giants and dragons of old. He will express some of his profound personal experiences through poetry that was gifted to him by Spirit of Place. He will also stress how time is running out for Mankind to once again connect with the Earth on a deeper, more spiritual level. This talk promises to be Peter’s most deeply personal and profound talk for us yet. Not to be missed!

Peter Knight is a sacred sites/Earth wisdom author and has 20 years experience as a sacred sites tour guide. He has spoken at several international conferences, such as Megalithomania, Glastonbury Symposium, Gatekeeper Conference, Sauniere Society, British Society of Dowsers, and more!




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