Wed 27th
Joseph Hunwick
Perfume as a Healing Art:
An Interactive Experience with Aromas

For our doorway into Beltane, Joseph will transform the room at Abbey House into an exquisite healing experience.

Natural Perfumer, Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Joseph Hunwick, will take us into a deep exploration into the profoundly healing and transformative power of perfume and aromatics, and their relation to our memories and our psyches. We will explore how the spiritual properties of scent connect us with the essence of the plant, representing a powerful soul connection.

As well as discussing a little of the history of perfume, the raw gums and resins and how these have been are are used for healing throughout time, Joseph will discuss collective trauma and healing through the past two years, and he will be bringing along examples of some of the perfumes and essences that he creates plus a few of his medicinal mushroom powers.
Come along and luxuriate in the incredible healing scents of Joseph Hunwick’s magical apothecary.

Joseph spent many years in Egypt, beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood, where he was inspired by his mentor, Omran Hassan, a Perfumer who came from a long line of traditional healers. Hassan’s shop was filled with raw perfumes, and spending much time here, along with explorations through the city’s markets with their spices, dust, people and traffic, such visions and smells were imprinted on his mind, inspiring the realisation that perfume is one of the great Healing Arts.

Joseph studied Chinese Medicine under Vietnamese, Chinese and English teachers, qualifying in 1998. Specialising in Perfumery and Natural Cosmetics, Joseph gives healing consultations using acupuncture, massage and perfume, which he mixes individually according to the client’s requirements.

Joseph has worked in the world of beauty for many years as a fashion photographer, his images gracing the pages of many top magazines and fashion houses.
‘Fashion For Peace’ is an organisation that Joseph was involved with for a number of years. Based in Kenya, those involved are dedicated to using the medium of fashion design, art and music to create peace among diverse groups. The organisation was begun by friend Ann McCreath as a way of bringing reconciliation after the election violence in Kenya during 2008.
Joseph creates Alchemical Incenses, Aura Sprays, Face creams and other products which are for sale from Joseph himself and can also be found at The Chalice Well Shop at Chalice Well Gardens.

Joseph lives in Glastonbury and works both locally and internationally. He can be contacted via his website.

There will be some of Joseph’s exquisite room sprays for sale at the end of the evening and there will be some raw medicinal mushroom powders available.Alchemy mixing bowl

Doors open from 6.30pm for a start at 7pm.
Entry is on a first arrival basis.

We ask you to attend only if you are confident that you are well and are prepared to look after by every means, our more vulnerable attendees. We wish to take care to make sure that everyone at the group feels and is safe as far as possible. Therefore we ask that each of you please take full responsibility for both yourself, your own well being and safety, and to consider others with the greatest of care. If you have a cold, cough, feel unwell or have recently been in touch with anyone who has a coronavirus, please respect others and join us on another occasion when you are fully recovered.

£7 (£6 conc.) on the door including teas. We would be very grateful if you are able to bring the correct change.

Our venue is Abbey House, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury BA6 8DH.
There is a car park. Please enter and exit the area extremely carefully as there may be people walking.
It is a sharp turn from Chilkwell Street into the house grounds so do also be very aware of this, particularly on exit.

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