Wed 2nd
Ezra Vdread
Purifying Karma with
Deity Yoga

We completed 2021 with a deeply powerful session of mantra with Ezra and it feels right to begin our new year with a continuation of this circle and the setting of our group’s new beginning, this next stage of our journey together.

Purification is an essential foundation practice for the alchemical path. Using mantra and visualisation, we will practice the use of our breath in the form of Deity Yoga: a means of purifying our karma, cleansing us of negativities, blockages / obstructions, in preparation for realisation.

Reciting mantra with Intention for Consciousness and Peace in the world shall be part of tonight’s session.

Ezra is an experienced student and practitioner of Daoist and Tibetan yoga / alchemy. His autumn circle with the group was just ahead of the equinox in September when we sat in the garden of Abbey House and shared in his evening of Energetic Meditation: The Mysteries of Breath. This was an alchemical, energetic and energy-enhancing introduction to transformation through the breath in a session that combined theory and practice with a powerful esoteric approach.

It is perfect to attend tonight whether or not you were present at either of the earlier sessions as each one also stands completely  in and of itself.

Doors open from 6.30pm for a start at 7pm.

Our venue is Abbey House, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury BA6 8DH.

There is a car park. Please enter and exit the area extremely carefully as there may be people walking.
It is a sharp turn from Chilkwell Street into the house grounds so do also be very aware of this, particularly on exit.

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