Wed 17th
Ranchor Prime
Hub of the Universe

Hub of the Universe

The Dawn of the Age of Kali

Ranchor will sing some Sanskrit mantras accompanied by tamboura.

We will open the evening with a shared exercise in sacred sound:
om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

In ancient times sages gathered at the hub of the universe to prepare for this difficult age.

We live in unprecedented times, with massive population growth, consumption running out of control, and ever more damaging technologies.

Barriers between cultures are dissolving which has brought us information but also confusion.

These days were foretold in ancient times: this is called the Age of Kali.

Earth is the cosmic crossroads – where we choose how we wish to be.

This age has one great blessing: Mercy.

The power of Sacred name.

We will close with the shared chanting of Japa.


This is the first talk in a series of three. The two evenings to follow will be:

Beyond this Universal Halo – from Darkness to Light.

The Universe Inside – Accessing Eternity.

Ranchor Prime is a writer, artist, ecologist and teacher. This will be Ranchor’s third presentation Glastonbury PLG, having previously shared deeply moving evenings of stories, film and music from his earlier book ‘Talks Between The Soul and God’. Further works include Hinduism and Ecology, Cows and the Earth and Prince of Dharma: The Life of The Buddha. He is owner of Fitzrovia Press and lives in Glastonbury.

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Main photo image: The Hub of the Universe in the forest of Naimisharanya, India.


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