Wed 10th
Pascal and Claire Roussey-Simon
Médecine Symbolique: Healing the Soul to Heal Body and Mind
Talk (Wed 10th), Workshop (Thurs 11th) & 1:1 Sessions (Fri 12th)

It is a delight to be welcoming the wonderful Claire and Pascal Roussey-Simon to Glastonbury with this unique healing practice. Having experienced a session with them, we feel very excited for the group to meet them and have the opportunity to explore this work.

The Practice of Médecine Symbolique is based on very simple principles :

– Life has a meaning and its goal is to awaken consciousness.

– To do this, life speaks to us through symbols.

– Hence, the physical and psycho-emotional symptoms are messages of the soul.

– If the person is the unconscious creator of their own dis-ease, they is also the creator of their own healing.

Relating healing and soul open a huge scope of new and fascinating perspectives. Claire and Pascal have observed extremely positive and relevant results on unsettled energies within homes and workplaces, as well as on the physical and emotional in human beings and animals.

Médecine Symbolique uses dowsing rods to decipher and interpret symbols and messages in energy fields.

Claire and Pascal are highly experienced therapists and instructors in Médecine Symbolique. They live in the French Alps and teach in several training centres in France, Belgium and Quebec as members of the team of trainers gathered around Gilles and Rose Gandy (creators of the method).

Claire is also a Qi-gong and yoga teacher. They have been married for more than thirty years and have two children.

This talk and practical demonstration will be followed by a workshop on the Thursday evening for those who would like to join this too, as well as a few individual one-to-one sessions on Friday morning.

The Talk will take place on Wednesday 10th.

The Médecine Symbolique Workshop: ‘Family Line: A Blessing or a Curse?’ Thursday 11th.

The opportunity to go more deeply into the Médecine Symbolique practice in a smaller group. Observe or experience how this healing process works energetically within and around the body, raising consciousness and awareness to replace outworn symbols, presences and patterns. This process gently allows rebalance and the opportunity for renewal.
There will be both some individual work and the offer of energetic healing for the whole group.

The workshop will take place Thursday evening, 5pm to 9pm at The Avalon Room, Isle of Avalon Foundation, located in The Glastonbury Experience Courtyard. The workshop price is £20 for those who attend and book at the evening talk or £25 for the workshop only on the day.

Individual Healing Sessions are offered by advance booking on Friday 12th, 9.30am to 13.30pm, in The Star Room, Isle of Avalon Foundation. The usual price for an hour and a half one-to-one session is £80. There is a very special PLG attendee discount on this occasion of £65 for a one to one session on the Friday morning. Please send us an email for further information.

In English:
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