Wed 3rd
Lorraine Hazell-Linder
Sitting With Feeling:
How the therapeutic process has informed my journey as an artist

Lorraine’s oil paintings, mixed media works and drawings explore human psychology by accessing her own emotions and subconscious through therapeutic practice. Most often her approach is through working ‘automatically’, directly onto canvas or paper. In 2016 she completed a body of work through the process of Person Centred Psycho-Spiritual Counselling. The difference in visual language between this – relating to the ‘higher self’ and the shadow bowels of the sub-conscious, currently being explored through Art Psychotherapy – is marked – and the differences in visual language which emerge are part of her enquiry. The final outcome as well as the process of the paintings document the psychological process, including visual and written journal work.

During the evening’s presentation, Lorraine will talk through the processes of her work and she will bring along a range of paintings to support her this.

Lorraine will also lead a short creative activity as a small example of what to expect at her workshops at The Sweet Track Centre, Glastonbury this May, June and October.


Lorraine was born in 1973 and grew up in Hertfordshire, although she has lived for the past twenty years in Somerset. In 1995 she graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art – Sculpture from Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury, Kent. Over the past twenty years her process has moved from sculpture to mixed media and finally into oil painting. Lorraine has exhibited throughout the South East and West of England in group and solo shows. Her pre-disposition to understand the human condition – especially the challenges this presents to individuals, has led her to teach art within special needs education and the mental health sector. The skills of teaching and counselling support Lorraine’s enquiry into understanding human emotion and the sub-conscious. In 2017 Lorraine stepped into a full time career as a Fine Artist.

Lorraine with her work.

Below, further examples of Lorraine’s art work.


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