Wed 5th
The Alchemical Journey to the Golden City
John Wadsworth & Vicki Burke

Astrologer John Wadsworth & musician Vicki Burke present an evening of music, poetry and story, weaving a journey through the twelve zodiac signs of the astrological and seasonal year, and their archetypal themes.
In 2008, John created The Alchemical Journey, a zodiac mystery school programme run over twelve months, taking participants on an experiential adventure into the myths and archetypal themes of each of the twelve signs. This course still runs in Glastonbury to this day.
Vicki attended the first year of the course and was so excited by the synchronicities and depth of insight that it brought up for her she was inspired to put together her own journey called the Keys to the Golden City. Her book Journey to the Golden City followed as a result of this experience. Both of these projects follow the same 12-stage pathway with a song from her repertoire for voice and harp for each zodiac sign.
In this collaboration John will be sharing myths and poetry inspired by the twelve signs and Vicki will bring her songs and stories as we take this visionary journey around the year.
This evening coincides with the launching of Vicki’s book and CD and copies will be available on the night.
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