Wed 12th
How can better breathing change your life and improve your health and wellbeing?
Julie Ann Horrox

Transformational Breath® is considered by many to be the most comprehensive and cutting edge breathing system available on the planet today. There are 1000’s of Facilitators and Trainers worldwide, who meet regularly to update one another of new science and other discoveries.

Were you aware that 90% of all the pain we experience is down to trapped emotions? This emotional Baggage can stay with us and disrupt our lives. Transformational Breath® is extremely efficient at clearing blocked energy out of the body and setting us free to reach our full potential.
Transformational Breath® is a system which teaches us to breath better.  Breath is life and we can’t live without it, so the way that we breathe tells us a lot about the way we embrace life!

By changing our breathing pattern we can change our life since breathing effects our physical body and our mental and emotional state. When we practice Transformational Breath® it changes how our brain functions, effects our neurology and releases endorphins. It helps us to have more mental focus, gives us genuine confidence, emotionally stability and 100’s more benefits to our health and wellbeing. This technique combines breathwork with sacred sound, body mapping meridian work (releasing emotions trapped the muscles) and breathing analysis.

Julie Ann can tell you your main life patterns by observing the way that your breathe. There will be a demonstration of this tonight and time for you to deepen your own experience with your breath. We will also practice a couple breathing meditations to give a flavour of this work and how it could help you to get more juice out of life.

Julie Ann Horrox is a Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Co-trainer with 18yrs experience of conscious breathwork. She is The UK National Coordinator for the International Breathwork Foundation, travelling the globe to share her passion for breathwork. She works for the prestigious award winning Arrigo Programme here in Somerset and has her own private practice in Glastonbury.

She hosts a monthly Glastonbury Breathing Circle and organises The Transformational Breath® Training Programme in The South West of England.

Julie Ann


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