Wed 31st
Lasare Maloney
Getting to know, love and trust our Inner Feminine Wisdom
A talk on the profound guidance that we all receive, from our feminine feeling nature…

In this talk, Lasare Maloney, will discuss how to work with our emotional states. She will inspire you to learn to trust and understand your emotional guidance system, the role it plays in actively generating the life that you live and how to be more playful and empowered with the way you feel.
Many people are aware of the basic understanding that we ‘create our own reality’, yet many still are baffled by the inconsistent results they have achieved when seeking to engage the Law of Attraction by intent.
Lasare says … ”Our feelings are the key. They are the feminine part of our Divine Intelligence, the masculine does a very different job in us. By attuning to the way we feel and purposely acknowledging our inner feeling wisdom, we bring balance and empowerment to the masculine urge to go forth and create. When we understand both aspects of ourselves, we are able to utilise the feedback of our feelings and adjust out of old conditioning to enjoy attracting a juicy and satisfying life!”
This will be an experiential evening, with the chance to blow away some cobwebs and open your hearts and lives to MORE!
With a background in Spiritual Psychology, Law of Attraction Teachings, Sound and Movement Practices, EFT and other Energy Clearing Tools, Lasare’s approach to waking up to who we are is vitalising and yet grounded. From her work on retreats, her radio show, online groups and individual coaching, Lasare has been honing her craft in inspiring people worldwide to let go of limiting beliefs, judgments and fears.
You may have seen Lasare’s articles in the Glastonbury Oracle, giving a new spin on playing with Law of Attraction and manifesting more of what you do want in every area of your life.

To read more about her work with individuals and couples, please visit or check out her facebook page Personal Transformation with Lasare Maloney.


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