Wed 10th
Ranchor Prime
The Journey of the Eight Elements

I lost my identity and entered a great stillness and emptiness

I had to go back to nature to find myself and see if I could find God

I took as my inspiration these words from the Bhagavad Gita: ‘Earth, water fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and ego – these are my separated material energies.’

I went on the journey to write a book


Earth – Foundation
Water – Flow
Fire – Transformation
Air – Freedom
Ether – Inner Life
Mind – Self-understanding
Wisdom – Inspiration
Ego – Acceptance

Four elements are measurable: Earth, Water, Fire, Air
Four elements are beyond measurement: Ether, Mind, Wisdom, Ego

The first five elements correspond to the five senses, the five objects of the senses, and the five organs of the senses:

Earth – aroma – sense of smell – the nose
Water – flavour – sense of taste – the tongue
Fire – form – sense of seeing – the eye
Air – texture – send of touch – the hand
Ether – sound – sense of hearing – the ear

Mind, wisdom and ego take us ever deeper into the total reality.

These are the twenty-four elements of Vedic philosophy

God is present in them all: ‘I am the fragrance of the earth, taste in water, the light of the sun and moon.’

Sound is the gateway to the subtle elements

Beyond all the elements is eternal spirit and the Divine Source of All

Meditation: I will lead guided meditation on one or two of the elements so that we can practice awareness – let’s see what we each experience.


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