Wed 10th
Ranchor Prime
The Journey of the Eight Elements


In the 1960s Ranchor Prime left home to find God. Feeling the sense of lost identity he entered a great stillness and emptiness, which lead him deeply towards nature and spirit. In this beautiful book, he reflects on his journey and, one by one, introduces the reader to the eight elements of ancient Hindu cosmology. 

The book is illuminated by the author’s own pencil drawings introducing each of the eight elements and the evening will include another of Ranchor’s wonderful guided meditations.




Ranchor Prime is a writer, artist, ecologist and teacher. This will be Ranchor’s third presentation Glastonbury PLG, having previously shared deeply moving evenings of stories, film and music from his earlier book ‘Talks Between The Soul and God’. Further works include Hinduism and Ecology, Cows and the Earth and Prince of Dharma: The Life of The Buddha. He is owner of Fitzrovia Press and lives in Glastonbury.
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