Wed 3rd
Hugh le Prevost
The Quest of the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is an archetypal construct that has lain deep in the human psyche from the most ancient of man’s history on this planet.
It comes from the Heavenly Realms to heal the wounded land of this world and our own lives. As we drink from the Grail we find that all our needs are met and all our questions answered, balance is restored and order emerges from chaos.

From The Horn of Plenty to The Horn of Dagda, or Ceridwen; the Emerald Tablet, the head of John The Baptist, to the cup that Jesus drank from at The Last Supper,  The Holy Grail has always existed. During the last decades of the twentieth century we have come to understood it to be a Sacred Bloodline.

Tonight Hugh le Prevost will discuss The Quest of Holy Grail, it’s path through the stories of different cultures, including the legendary story of King Arthur’s Knights of The Round Table, who purified their lives so that they would be worthy of attaining The Holy Grail. Whilst it has meant many things to many people with it’s individual stories through different cultures, it’s essence is always the same: a Quest that is still our own unique journey today.

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Born in Guernsey, Hugh le Prevost was inspired to seek the truth, becoming a Lay Minister at an early age and pursuing the practice and teachings of this for many years until, inspired by the philosophy and teachings of Christian Rozenkreuz, he was drawn to travel and the exploration of sacred sites around the world and the wide study of mystical teachings.
Hugh has lived in Glastonbury for 16 years and he continues to lecture and to pursue his studies with appreciation of the rich cultural heritage that Britain has to offer.

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