Welcome Home

Dear Community,

We have begun this new journey.

The past three months since we re-opened in September following lockdowns, have been a deepest gift.

Thank you all for the precious circles of connection, re-connection and sharing.

It has been wonderful to welcome new faces, to build upon all our friendships, to offer and receive support, and of course to enjoy deep, beautiful meditations and inspiring, thought provoking, soul nourishing talks.

As promised, our format has been both similar and brand new.

We have opened through these weeks with a focus on arriving together as a group and creating, building our vision.

Meditation has been at the centre of this and, as always with the Positive Living community, talks are evolving in perfect synchronicity.

Do come and join us.

We meet in a place of compassion and respect for one another, understanding that people have had many differing feelings and experiences over the past year and a half and we honour one other’s experiences and journeys.

Please only attend if you are well and free from any cough or cold. We ask you to please respect that even if you feel strongly about recent world events one way or another, everyone is different. We have people attending the group who are vulnerable. Please be kind.

Our venue is Abbey House. Unless otherwise advertised, the doors will be from 6.30pm for start at 7pm. We will finish at approximately 8.30pm/9pm (finish times will vary).

£7 / £6 concs. Please bring the correct change.

We really look forward to seeing you! Any questions, feel really welcome to drop us an email: info@glastonburyplg.com

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