Wed 25th August
David Balian
How Energy is Flowing in the Universe, How it is Changing, and How We Can Flow with it

On the 11th March last year, we celebrated the life and work of the Barefoot Doctor, Stephen Russell.
Stephen’s work embraced every facet of our social and spiritual lives. He trained in the Tao for many years but in the beginning of his spiritual quest a chance meeting with an Aikido Master proved the foundation for much of his understanding of how energy flows in the universe.

Many who understand the Tao suggest that in very recent years there has been a polar shift in how energy manifests on earth. This is wisdom shared through many cultures and ancient understandings. We are shifting from a time of constructing hierarchical, pyramidal, financial, economic and social structures, which may have appeared beneficial, but have become stiff, inflexible, unyielding edifices that now stifle the human evolution. This time, some believe, has come to an end, and with it many of our spiritual constructs must also fall.
Tonight’s talk will explore the founder of the martial art of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei’s understanding of this concept.

The group will experience a practical demonstration of a particular facet of meditation, reflecting the new flow of energy. Ki Breath Meditation will unite us with the people around us and all things external from us. Instead of our energy travelling inward, we will use our awareness to extend our Ki as far as we can. The feeling of Ki Breath Meditation is an unburdening of the psyche by stilling the internal dialogue and focussing our awareness on the world and all that is in it, and even perhaps into the realms of the unknowable that lies beyond.
This meditation evening will be shared by David Balian, practitioner of Fourfold Ki Breath Meditation and Aikido.
Our venue is Abbey House. Doors open from 6.30pm for 7pm start. If the weather is fine we will be outside and if so, please bring your own cushion or chair and something warm to wear. If the weather is cool and damp we will be indoors with a ventilated room.
£7 (£6 concs.) on the door. Please bring the correct change.
Please attend only if you are well and are prepared to look after by every means, our more vulnerable attendees.
Please bring your own mug or flask and teabag plus snacks if you would like to. Hot water will be provided.
Photo: Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei

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