The Most Initimate – The One Core Solution for Creating Happiness and Fulfillment in Your Relating

Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Joy will share a ‘map of the territory of intimate relating’, so that you can relate with consciousness & clarity, whatever your circumstances.

You will learn about two defence mechanisms which can sabotage happiness in relationship.

You will be inspired to celebrate and discover how to live the healing potential of the alchemical dance between man and woman.

And she will explore the question – What is the one core solution to any frustration, holdback or imperfection in any relationship?

If your own awakening is the gift of every struggle you ever thought you had in relating – how do you do this? Joy will show you how your relationships are perfectly designed to take you deeper in life, towards pure being. If we co-operate with the evolutionary opportunity built into relationship, suffering and conflict between the sexes ceases and is replaced by mutual respect, tenderness and joy.

Joy Hicklin-Bailey is expert in facilitating breakthroughs in intimate relating for singles & couples.
She is an author & Founder of the renowned The Most Intimate & Joyful Loving programme.

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