Divine Consciousness


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

All life is the spiritual journey toward the realization that we are Love. God is Love and created us in the same way. Our spiritual journey is just the falling away of illusions through healing, to the recognition of love as who we fundamentally are. Love is sharing. Love is giving. Love is extending oneself to another. Love is receiving from another. Love is the recognition of the lines of joining—the Oneness—which exists between us and ALL THAT IS. Only our beliefs that we are other than this make a world of pain. It is the remembrance, or the discovery, of who we truly are which leads to a world of love and safety –

So my work is to help you to connect to the bigger light of All That Is, which is in your sacred heart and is called the three fold flame.

This gift was given to me in the year 2000 and I have been working with this beautiful Divine Consciousness ever since. And have been guided to far away land and meeting beautiful people all over the world.

Blessing to all. Divyael.

Further reading: http://www.themessenger.me.uk