Planets in Dialogue: An Astrological Mytho-Drama Performance

John Wadsworth and Andreea Bradu

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

John & Andreea will perform a series of dialogues from their repertoire of astrological theatre pieces, which are featured each month in Glastonbury’s Oracle magazine. Drawing on the mythic themes of the planetary archetypes, each short performance carries an evocative power, which can open up a deep enquiry into how the planets operate astrologically in our lives.

These rhyming dialogues are frequently described as being Shakespearian in style and they offer a powerful medicine through their soulful and psychologically astute treatment of mythic and astrological symbolism. They are designed to be accessible regardless of whether or not you have any prior understanding of astrology.

John is a professional astrologer, teacher, writer and pioneer of astrological theatre. Andreea is an empathic healer, writer and performer, working with music, dance and drama to foster connection, dialogue and understanding.

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