Reincarnation: Reality or Fantasy

William Bloom

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Whether or not it is real, the philosophy of reincarnation is a widespread belief and an inspiring vision of the human journey and the purpose of existence.

Tonight William will explore how it gives profound and useful insights into the human condition and why it sits at the heart of so many spiritual traditions and eastern religions. What is it that reincarnates? What is its purpose? What is your karma? What is your destiny? What is predetermined? What role has free will?

This talk will transcend the often shallow interpretations. It will draw on the inner teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, theosophy and western transpersonal psychology. Come and enjoy an inspirational evening that will take you to very heart and essence of this spiritual teaching.

William Bloom is one of Britain’s leading educators and authors in the field of health, wellbeing and spirituality. His books include The Power of Modern Spirituality and The Endorphin Effect. He is director of the Spiritual Companions Trust.

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