Wed 23rd
Rowena Beaumont
Evolving EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is now being scientifically validated faster than any other therapy in history.

Rowena has pioneered EFT since 2002 and works alongside Dr Rosy Daniel in Bath supporting clients with cancer, serious illness, anxiety and life’s stresses. Known as an EFT expert by her peers Rowena has been working with energy based energy techniques for over 20 years discovering methods to support people clearing their past programming, blockages, limitation, emotional and physical pain and to compassionately support them on their Soul’s Journey. She specialises in EFT and Emotional Freedom ‘Light’ Techniques which she designed, adding further depth to EFT which includes working with colour, past life and ancestral clearing as well as the Timeline of the Soul.

Always as with Rowena’s presentations there is a gift and an opportunity to clear something from the past or present that is no longer serving you.

Rowena has a practice in Bath, Glastonbury, Bristol and Guildford Surrey and also runs professional training courses and is an AAMET International EFT Master Trainer of Trainers
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