Wed 16th
Dr. William Bloom
The Secrets Of The Inner Smile

The Inner Smile is often described as the most effective self-healing meditation and mind-body strategy of them all.

It can benefit everyone. Its powerful physiological and psychological effects cascade through the body improving physical and mental health, and awakening compassion.

In tonight’s inspiring and experiential talk William will describe exactly how to practice the Inner Smile. He will also explain the science of how it achieves its benefits.

This technique is usually associated with Taoist meditation practice, Qi Gung and internal martial arts. But William first learned it as a young man in the Jewish mystical tradition of Kaballah. He practiced an exercise in which students visualized and worked with an internal Tree of Life giving it positive energy. He then found the same exercise taught in many different Tree of Life traditions around the world, as well as those mystical schools which use symbols such as the Chalice, Cauldron, Pot and Grail.

It was only in his forties when he learned Tai Chi and Qi Gung that he studied the eastern teaching of the Inner Smile. At the same time he began to study the precise biology and psychology – psychoneuroimmunology – of how it works, which he presented in his book ‘The Endorphin Effect.’

In his presentation he will show you the essence of this wonderful exercise and exactly how to practice it. Anyone can do it. We just need to be shown it in an accessible and user-friendly way.

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