Wed 14th December
The Awakening of Your Divinity

Suitable for newcomers and those who came to February’s talk, the wonderful Divyael joins us again for another evening of healing and an update on the information that he has received over the past year.

Divyael will be working with us to open our hearts, going ever more deeply into the idea that we can work with and from the heart by opening the heart and becoming more compassionate for ourselves and ultimately, for our fellow beings. He will show us how to step back from confrontation, not to be swayed by ooutside influences, and to hold and stay in our power.

In these times we have been often shown what it is that we do not want. This is one way to help us as a collective, as well as individually, understand what we DO want.

Divyaprasad Pandya (Divyael) is a high vibrational Spiritual Teacher and practising Healer, working both in the UK and Internationally. A Magnified Healing® Master Teacher, he is also a 3rd Phase Magnified Healing® ‘Light’ Practitioner. Originally from Singapore, he has lived and worked in England for more than 30 years, and is based in Preston, Lancashire.

Divya now works with the ‘Activation of the Divine Consciousness’ in the individual, to enable us to recognise and give expression to the Divine potential that is within each of us. This can bring about profound spiritual changes, healing and personal transformation in those who experience the pure vibration and love of the energy.

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