Fri 9th
The Tipping of the Scales
A Talk by Palden Jenkins

We’re on the threshold. We’re heading toward an avalanche of events. Humanity is playing an amazing brinkmanship game. The tide of history is shifting.

Palden has some insights on this, and you might find this interesting. Also this talk is a way of saying hello-goodbye to old friends and new. It’s also a personal story.

Starting in 1960s Liverpool and London, with flower power and student revolution, after a time of exile abroad he landed in Glastonbury in 1980 and did his bit here for 28 years. Then, via Palestine, he defected to the far end of Cornwall, where he still lives. He’s had fingers in lots of pies, covered many subjects, started some things, rattled loadsa keyboards, trodden the edge and got beat up by life. Then in 2019 he landed up with bone marrow cancer, with a clock ticking on him. Alone and crashed out with cancer, though stowed away on an organic farm in a magical area, West Penwith, he’s churned things over and come to see things from another angle. Now it’s time to come out with it while he still can.

Paldywan tends not to be boring. An astrologer, psychic and historian, and a pathological meddler in geopolitics, people and ET issues, he has a few clues about the coming decades, how we got here and how things could go. Plus some stories from this and other worlds, in bomb shelters, crop formations and inner journeys. Well, that’s the idea, but Palden doesn’t work to a script. If you don’t know him, try his blog ‘Notes from the Far Beyond’ or his ‘Pods from the Far Beyond’. Or you might have read ‘The Only Planet of Choice’ or fallen upon his books and websites. Or you might have been a Glastafarian, or gone to one of the many events he has been involved with. Eitherwhichway, he’d love to see you. Really. Do come.

Please come with phone switched off completely, or leave it at home. Palden has been electrosensitive for decades, and now it’s killing him. Besides, it’s good for us to have a break and tune into other frequencies. That’s why. Hope you don’t mind.

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The venue for this evening will be Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, 7pm for 7.30pm start.

Tickets are £10.00
(Concessions are on a sliding scale basis from £7).
Available now in person from Man, Myth & Magik, 6 Magdalene St, Glastonbury, BA6 9EH.

Any enquiries, please email us:


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