Fri 12th, Sat 13th, Sun 14th
This is Blake in Avalon

This is Blake in Avalon!
We will gather again to celebrate the great artist and visionary, William Blake.
To read his poetry together at the Market Cross, to sing his words at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, to share work inspired by Blake at the Abbey, and to again invoke that unfathomable spirit of revolution and solidarity that descends on the town when Blake is called.
The three days of celebration will begin on Friday, August 12th at the Market Cross at 2pm. Bring your favourite Blake poem/s and present them with us to a backdrop of celebrated local musicians, improvising music for two hours.

The Assembly Rooms, our extraordinary independent venue and site of the first Glastonbury artistic festivals after the First World War, will host musicians playing music composed to Blake’s poetry.
Behind the musicians will be projected an incredible art installation – a year of the “Magic Mountain.”
There will additionally be a film of Greenwalker’s performance at the 2018 Glastonbury William Blake Festival, an astonishing legacy from one of our own mystics.
This evening will include Michael Law’s classic electronica piece, The Glass Isle, and performances by some of Glastonbury’s finest.
Tickets are £10.00 adv. from The Speaking Tree.
These will be released on Friday, July 29th.

Glastonbury Poets and Bards will take us on a journey into the world inspired by Blake, including extracts from Patti Smith’s biography.
2PM, Glastonbury Abbey.
The usual Abbey entry rules apply.
Forever Blake.
“Blake is everywhere but in the ground.”

A large crowd had gathered under the tall plane tree that sprung from the head of Blake’s memorial in Bunhill Fields Cemetary. Hymns were sung and eulogies were expressed: “How Blake influenced my 1992 album”; “Helped me through my dark days”; “Enlightened my understanding of art”; “How Blake showed me how to rebel.”

Away from the crowd, a lone figure sat under a tree, painting. He was absorbed. We recognised him as a young artist who had quietly sat drawing at the Blake Festival Glastonbury had experienced in the days just before. We walked closer. He didn’t look up but instead turned his painting toward us. It was an ancient, mystical Bunhill Fields, filled with spirits and elementals. “Blake is everywhere except in the ground,” he continued, his gaze returning to the painting.

This weekend is for everyone. Choose a poem and come and read it on Friday 12th.
Or compose a piece of music around a Blake poem and perform at Assembly Rooms on Saturday 13th.
Or perhaps you have written a Blake-inspired poem of your own and would like to read it in The Abbey on Sunday.
Or just come along and absorb the wonderful vibes in our loving and spirited community.

If you would like to perform, please get in touch with us to tell us which poem you have chosen. We need to compile these into lists so that the same piece is not recited lots of times over. Friday has plenty of space and time to for everyone to have the chance to read, but it is helpful that we know which poem/s you are choosing.

On the Saturday we just have a couple of places so do get in touch as soon as possible.
Feel welcome to let musician friends know as we would like this to be open to as many people as the timing allows.

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