Wed 31st
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A Circle of Honouring:
Nature’s Cycles, Our Loved Ones, Our Ancestors, Ourselves

As the veil between the worlds grows thinner and the hearth fires are lit, gather your cloaks and dress finely to gather together in circle to honour the season and one another, the letting go of the year, and to remember our ancestors and loved ones in Spirit.
A celebration of the end of the harvest and in the Northern hemisphere and the start of the coldest half of the year, the 31st October is also celebrated as the beginning of the spiritual new year. In ancient Paganism it was believed to be the time when the veil between the worlds of life and death was lifted and the spirits of the dead could mingle with the living. Loved ones who had recently passed to Spirit were remembered and their spirits often invited to join in the celebratory feast.
Whatever our beliefs, most of us will agree that October’s shift into lower temperatures, it’s darkening evenings, mists and the scent of damp leaves and wood smoke create a feeling of magic and mystery in the air.
Each year in our home we choose this night to remember those friends and relatives who have passed, as well as our ancestors – those who have laid paths through generations in which we have inherited both gifts and perhaps patterns to which we can bring consciousness and healing. We light a specially prepared candle upon a beautiful seasonal nature altar, and we take time to centre and to connect in with ourselves. We then turn our thoughts to prayer and remembrance of those who have been a part of our life’s journey.
Tonight we would like to invite you to share this precious evening with us and we have chosen the location of the magnificent Abbey House, situated on The Mary Line and close to the Abbey’s Great Altar.

At 7pm we will open the front door to the Abbey House and serve hot teas and light snacks while we create the altar with the nature items we have brought. It will be twilight into darkness by this time and we will walk together into the garden to ground ourselves in nature and to tune in. Please wear warm clothes. We will then walk indoors and spend an evening

sharing in meditation, connection, loving prayer and peace. We will be joined by some of our musician friends.
The evening will be a group creation so if you have a story, a sharing, a poem or a song, please bring it along. This is a circle of creation between everyone present.
Bring leaves, flowers, or other nature items from your garden if you would like to. Alternatively you might like to bring a painting you have made, a collage, or something else symbolising autumn and the turning of the year.
*Carved pumpkins or gords if you have these!* If you would like to bring something for our ‘mini feast table’ this would be super too! – vegetarian or vegan please.

We invite you to bring a photo or photos of those you would like to remember tonight or an object that is a reminder. You can hold the photo/object during the evening or you may place it on the altar.
***Please dress finely, appropriately for the occasion – deep colours, your finest Samhain Season fabrics*** 

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