Thurs 25th
Dr Alison J. Kay
Prosperity & Spirituality, Mundane & Sacred Merge in These Awakening Times

In this capitalistic, very harshly competitive society, huge numbers of people struggle financially. There are amazingly sensitive people in and around Glastonbury in particular, and deeply creative artists of all kinds who appear to be kept in a place of poverty within the current societal configuration.
Yet this is the remnants of an old, outdated paradigm that is currently crumbling into ruins. The new paradigm, Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening, is acting as a re-balancing now as we move forward into a vibrational backdrop that ultimately will not allow for societies of poverty whilst a minority live in a way that is vastly rich, greedy and abusive.
Unity and cooperation are replacing division and competition. Another main aspect of this new paradigm is where the ‘Sensitives’, ‘Healers’, ‘Empaths’ the more Conscious, the artists and visionaries, no longer hold the space for the heart’s aspects within society whilst being trampled by those more engaged in temporary egoic motives.
The rebalancing is between the spiritual and the mundane and for these to come together as one.
Dr. Alison has spent time interviewing experts on this subject and it is the topic of her second book.  She works with people around the world on precisely this issue by using her Vibrational UPgrade™️ energy medicine to run clearings, activations, transmissions and healings. This includes the rebalancing of Abundance for who has it and who does not. It very much includes those who are used to high materialism (and perhaps have spent lifetimes doing so) but who find themselves now in situations that have them seeking more fulfilment, joy, well-being and spiritual presence. And it is for the healers, the Sensitives, the artists and spiritual folks to make good money doing what they love, while honoring their hearts and naturally the well-being for all.

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