Wed 9th
Divine Consciousness & the New Energies
followed by an afternoon workshop on Fri 11th May

Divyael was born in Singapore to a Hindu family.  He has lived in the UK since he was seventeen years old and has been on the spiritual journey for 35 years.

His journey began with meditation and feeling drawn to healing. As his own practice developed he taught meditation groups and later, healing with great reverence and respect to Goddess Kwan Yin.

It was in the year 2000 at Ganesh Puri, the Indian ashram of Sadguru Nityananda, that Divyael found himself recognising a number of extraordinary events and experiences in which he found himself becoming enlightened by the spirit of Guru Nityananda. In this, he received the blessing of Krishna Consciousness, also known as Christ Consciousness.

A year later he became aware of how to use this gift for the benefit of others and he is guided to call it Divine Consciousness.

Since his awaking experience in India, Divyael has been working internationally to awaken the Sacred Heart in those who are ready to receive higher consciousness.

He works with Divine Light and the Master of Light to clear and unlock blockages which can be holding us back. This work is to open into healing and awakening at a higher vibration of being and with a clearer connection with each individual’s own Teachers, Guides and Higher Self.

Divyael visited India again in 2017 & integrated the higher energies of consciousness that are manifesting on the planet at this time. He would like to share this experience and the energies with the groups that he is working with.

The talk on Wednesday 9th will be followed by an afternoon with Divyael at Goddess House on Friday 11th, 1pm to 4pm.
On the evening at the Town Hall on Wednesday 9th, we will listen to Divyael talk about his fascinating journey, experiences and adventures. The healing energies will be present for the group in general for those who would like to experience a sense of these, but there will be no direct one-to-one transmissions unless personally requested.

The afternoon of Friday 11th will be for those who would like to experience a much more focussed session of the Divine energies.

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