Wed 2nd
Hugh Le Prevost
The True Origin of the British People:
The Cymri Revealed

In this talk, Hugh will show that although the origin of the Celtic and Anglo Saxon people can be traced to Central Europe, their true origin can be found all the way back to the Middle East and The Lost Tribes of Israel.

There is nothing new in this information as it used to be common knowledge up unil two hundred years ago, yet it has been marginalised and for the most part forgotten by so~called academia.

For example, the word ‘British’ is a combination of two Hebrew words meaning ‘Covenant People’. In discovering who the British people are we will find fascinating insights into who the Druids really are.

This is the first of a two~part talk, a prelude to Hugh’s evening all about The History of the Pheryllt, which will be given in July.

Born in Guernsey, Hugh le Prevost was inspired to seek the truth, becoming a Lay Minister at an early age and pursuing the practice and teachings of this for many years until, inspired by the philosophy and teachings of Christian Rozenkreuz, he was drawn to travel and the exploration of sacred sites around the world and the wide study of mystical teachings.
Hugh has lived in Glastonbury for 17 years and he continues to lecture and to pursue his studies with appreciation of the rich cultural heritage that Britain has to offer.


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