Wed 25th
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Ezra Vdread
Return to Montségur:
The Mary Magdalene and the Gnostic Tradition in France
A Personal Journey

Dear friends,
Due to the current worldwide circumstances this evening is postponed.
Ezra is writing a lovely message to you all and this will be shared here soon.
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Just as Glastonbury has it’s legend that St. Joseph of Arimathea visited and secreted the Holy Chalice in it’s Sacred Hills, so does Southern France have it’s legends that St. Mary Magdalene lived and preached there after the crucifixion.

This is however, but one facet of the old regions of Occitania with rich mystery traditions stretching from the remote past and is always notable for it’s strong reverence for the Divine Feminine.

Expanding on a brilliantly received presentation from 2018, Ezra will continue the story of his own initiatory journeys into this magical land and it’s mysteries, richly illustrated with his photography from visits to many of the sacred sites and ancient shrines, weaving together stories of the White Goddess and the Black Madonna; the St. Mary Magdalene legends; the Cathars, Troubadours the Courts of Love; the Knights Templars, the Grail Mythos and the fabled treasure of  Montségur; the mysteries of Rennes-le-Château and surrounding areas, and more…

An evening for both those who attended Ezra’s previous talk as well as those who will be attending for the first time.

Glastonbury Town Hall.

Doors open from 7pm for start at 7.30pm.

£6 (£5 cones.) on the door including refreshments.

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