Wed 13th
Rory Duff
A Classification of Leylines, Earth Energy lines & Nodes

Having spent over 15 years researching Earth Energy lines and having mapped over 10,000 miles of energy lines, Rory Duff of Bristol Dowsers discusses some of the observations he has found. He starts by giving three reasons why it has become crucial to develop the first ever classification of Leylines, Earth Energies and Nodes. Work now needs to be done by gridworkers and lightworkers all around the World and Rory will talk about his latest project that will help facilitate this. Some of the largest and most powerful lines in the World have been found and mapped and one pair seems to possibly be providing a link to the location of Atlantis. This talk will challenge you in ways you might not have believed but it will also open the door to how you can play a part in bringing about a much more beautiful future for all mankind.

Rory Duff trained as a Geologist and has worked in this area for many years. For the last decade he has been exploring a new area of research within the field of Geobiology. Geobiology is the study of how the Earth itself affects living things and also how life affects the Earth. Rory’s specific research is into ultra low frequency sound and electromagnetic waves and how they affect people who live on, or near, to powerful sound energy concentrations.

He was one of the first people who discovered that the Earth emanated spherical standing waves of sound from its centre. Concentrations of these low frequency sounds can be detected on the surface of the Earth. His research into this area enabled him to learn much more about them and their impact on living beings.

Rory has a keen interest in the investigating of natural Earth mysteries and has stumbled across a connection to the Grail Legend and the Universal Prophecy. He has written three fascinating books about these. Please see Rory’s website for all details.


Rory organises World Harmony Meditations on significant dates around the wheel of the year. The next Harmony Day will be 19th March at 12:00 noon at all locations. The places to choose from to gather together in Somerset/Wiltshire will be at Oliver’s Castle (near Avebury), the top of Glastonbury Tor and at Castle Park in Bristol. People attend these gatherings from all over the world, both in person and at a distance. The more people who feel drawn to joining in the better. 

For those who are unable to or refer not to climb the Tor it is possible to join in with the energies from the base.

These meditations and their Solstice and Equinox timings are for a very particular and important purpose for each one of us and our planet. Rory has written full details in the link here:

Feel welcome to share with friends. We have included the event on our PLG Facebook page as well so it is possible to share from there too.

At these gatherings, some people bring gongs, offerings, incense, special stones. The atmosphere and community is very special and the meditations are deep and powerful. Some may feel moved to speak, others join in silent prayer and meditation.

Gathering together in groups to do this energy work makes a difference.

[Photo: ‘Arwen’. c. Glastonbury PLG 2019]











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