Wed 21st
The Hemptation of
Free Love Cannabis
Spring Equinox Celebration

This Wednesday 21st March, we welcome and celebrate both the Spring Equinox and 21 years of Glastonbury’s famous emporium of Hemp and Health information, Hemp In Avalon!

Free will be sharing another wonderful evening all about his passion for Cannabis. He will be explaining why he loves Cannabis so much that he legally changed his name to Free Cannabis in 1997.  He will be revealing his love for this plant as a source of food, fibre, fuel, medicine and Spiritual Sacrament.

Free will be sharing his extensive knowledge of the history of Cannabis, explaining clearly what lead to it’s unlawful prohibition in the early 1900s. He will assert and give supporting evidence to his claim that Cannabis prohibition is fraudulent in its foundation, treasonous in its enactment and criminal in its enforcement. He will be updating us on the latest research into Hemp and into Medicinal Cannabis (CBD), and sharing news on the latest legislation issues.

On a lighter note, Free will be sharing a celebratory Hemp cake and a selection of Hemp drinks.

Free will also be performing a wide selection of Hempoetry to Hempucate, Hempspire, Liberate your Soul and set yourself Free!




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