Wed 14th
Bitten Salin
My Introduction to Unicorns and their effect on my life

With the huge surge in the popularity of the Unicorn in public consciousness, Bitten Salin will present her fascinating, very personal journey of working with these Archetypal energies in her healing sessions and in many aspects of her daily life.
‘In 2009 Diana Cooper came to Switzerland introducing her new book about Unicorns. Listening to her introduction I realised that I could actually feel a Unicorn next to me! The resonation was so strong that I immediately registered for the seminar she was promoting. Here I learnt how to connect with the Divine Energy of the Unicorns and use it when working as a healer. As my connection with them became stronger, they used me as a channel.
Once, when giving a speech, they told me to teach other healers to work with them. I had never worked as a teacher before and yet one night they woke me up and I found myself experiencing a download of the entire seminar. Since 2009 I’ve been teaching healers to work with them. I work in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and United Kingdom.
In 2017 I visited the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and a mighty Unicorn presented himself as the master of the Unicorns of Avalon. I was called to move to Avalon and work with them. This calling was so strong and connected with my heart that I decided to move here in early 2018.
As a sensitive child, at both at home and school I experienced the power and energy that words and sentences had on people and situations. When I tried to highlight this to people I was always belittled. In 1971 I married a Swiss in and moved to Switzerland, divorcing In 1993 and returning to Denmark. I studied kinesiology and later worked in nursing homes and it was at this time that on two occasions clients passed out as I put my hand on their forehead. I was very concerned and went to a clairvoyant who told me that I was a born healer. I felt that I needed to learn how to use this gift and attended seminars in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, UK and USA.
In 2005 I worked with many Swiss clients, travelling to Switzerland to give healing and decided in 2006 to move back to Switzerland. The Unicorns entered my life in 2009′.
All are welcome to this unique and insightful evening.

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