Wed 29th
James North
The New Age, Truth And Illusions: Getting Real About Money

Understanding the connection between spirituality and economics is the key to making the New Age more than a marketing slogan.

Prophets, clairvoyants and dreamers have been talking about the Age of Aquarius for over a hundred years. We hear about 2012, Ascension and so on. But at the same time, the environment is in crisis, the threat of global war hangs over the world and inequality is increasing.

This talk shows that relating with our imagination and common sense to planet Earth is fundamental to facing our financial and social challenges. Drawing on the life and thought of the Irish painter and mystic AE, and the Austrian occultist Rudolf Steiner, we’ll discuss how new approaches to money and land can change the spiritual movement and our wider society.
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James is a student and teacher in the Western Mystery Tradition, with 25 years experience in studying how spirituality applies to society. He also worked in politics and the charity sector for many years.

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