Wed 1st
Vali Drum
Bridget , Honoring New Journeys with the Triple Goddess of Healing, Love and Wisdom: the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Vali Bridie
Springtime is often favorite in our hearts as fresh new ideas enthused with new warmth by the birth of longer days of Summer to come. An expectancy arises as Buds show and grow to burst forth with life and beauty.
This evening, on the festival of Imbolc ~ ‘Bridie’s Day’ ~ Vali will lead an evening of honouring the Goddess and talking about Bridgets’ many aspects. This will be accompanied by stories from Vali’s own journey on the Priestess of the Goddess path in Avalon during the past 3 years.
Come and explore why we Love Bridget and learn more about Her many facets of creativity.
Vali profile pic Vali Drum, Priestess of The Goddess

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