Wed 19th
Matt Fellows
Conscious Streams:
An introduction to Acupressure points and their uses in self-healing

For our Summer Solstice time Meeting…tools for our best health and well being!

An intoduction to the ancient Daoist view of the energetic body and the meridian system. A practical guide to the uses and locations of some of the most common acupuncture points. Learn how to consciously engage with them to bring about change and health within the energetic body and the meridian system and how it moves through time and space.

Matt Fellows is a rarity these days…a person born and grown up in Glastonbury, whose family have lived here for as long as anyone can remember! Although he has travelled the world extensively and has a degree in social anthropology, all roads always seem to lead back home.

Having studied the Chinese Arts since his teens, he gained an acupuncture degree in 2008, and as a product of Glastonbury’s special ambience, after qualifying, he naturally gravitated to matters of the spirit!

In 2015, Matt and his wife Tamsin, fulfilled a long held dream of opening Glastonbury Acupuncture in his native Glastonbury town.

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