Wed 12th
An Evening with
Nature Spirits
(Gnomes, Fairies,
Dwarfs & more…)
With Geomancer
Shaun Kirwan

We all love to experience nature, trees, plants and animals, but how often do we consider the invisible helpers that exist behind the curtain to maintain balance and harmony in Gaia’s garden? They are mentioned in myth and in every folk tradition of every country, even in some religions.
This evening you will discover for yourselves whether the stories of fairies are real! With the guidance of Shaun you will gain an insight into the etheric realms of the Nature Spirits. After this experience your walks in nature will never quite be the same again!
Shaun Kirwan –  Geo-Repairman.  By drawing on his western Geomancy training, his Shamanic and Buddhist backgrounds, Shaun has developed intuitive techniques for Earth Healing and creating sacred space. He is a natural psychic and dowser with affinity to Nature Spirits, Elementals and Angels, working with them to bring healing and harmony to places and landscapes. 
Shaun has been teaching dowsing and awareness of earth energies for years. He is often seen at various  conscious festivals throughout the year – this year at  Sunrise and Unearthed Festivals – where his practical, enthusiastic and easy manner make him a popular presenter. Shaun also organises events and Avalon Rising Talks Space at festivals and is involved in Megalithomania conference.  
He is a designer of Stone Circles, sacred sites, medicine wheels and labyrinths, including the Fern Hill Farm Stone Circle and Sunrise 2012 Venus Transit Circle. His Geomantic consultancy operating since 2003, includes home and landscape healing and sacred space creation.  
Last summer, many of us joined Shaun for an astoundingly profound and beautiful evening on the theme of Archangels and this year’s circle promises to be another very, very special event indeed.
The evening will take place outside on the lawns of the stunning garden at Abbey House.
Please bring something warm to wrap up in as the evening cools, a cushion or a folding chair to sit on and a blanket. It is best for us to be in nature for the event so we will do this even if it is rainy. Therefore if it does look like rain, please bring relevant clothing.
Address: Abbey House, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury BA6 8DH. There is limited parking in the driveway of the house. If you do wish to park there, please enter and exit the driveway very slowly and carefully and keep engine use to a minimum because there will be people on foot and some may be relaxing on the grass.
Please be aware that the nearby car park on Silver Street now charges more than the other car parks in the town and operates a 24 hour camera, whereas most of the other car parks are free after 6pm. Check the individual car park signs for details.

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