Wed 27th
Phil Genoux
Wild Wild Guru:
Osho and his ‘Experiment to provoke God’
A personal take on the man and the movement at the centre of the incredible story portrayed in the Netflix docu-series ‘Wild Wild Country’

‘The future remains open. What seems inconceivable today, may become conceivable tomorrow’ – Osho

The recent Netflix docs-series, Wild Wild Country was an improbable smash hit. It told the stranger-than-fiction story of the building of a utopian city in the Oregon badlands in the 1980’s. Centre stage in this tale was probably the most controversial spiritual figure of the 20th century, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho). 

Fascinating as the docu-series is, it does not deal with questions that many of its audience found themselves asking.

Who was Osho? Cult-leader from central casting or enlightened master attempting to birth a new humanity? And what of his followers, the Sannyasins? Were they just brainwashed cult members who had lost their minds or was it all part of a ground-breaking experiment to raise global consciousness?

These are some of the questions which were barely touched on in the docu-series and that this talk will be exploring.

Phil Genoux first heard about Osho in a conversation on a local bus travelling through Afghanistan in 1977.  He was at the  Rajneesh ashram in Pune, ,India in 1981 when Osho left for the USA. He later took Sannyas and spent the time up until Osho`s death in 1990 and beyond involved with the Osho movement, including visits to Rajneeshpuram and living in Osho communities in the UK and Europe.

Since then he worked all over Europe and the UK for 15 years as a street performer, clown, mime artist, model and creator of the original Comic Human Statue. In the last decade he has been a  arot reader, author, poet and meditator here in Glastonbury.
Phil is author of ‘Tarot: ‘How to re-create yourself with a deck of cards and other meditations’. This highly interesting book contains the essence of his ideas about Tarot-play and self-creation art.

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