Wed 5th July
Karen Stead-Dexter
Wisdom of the Birds

We are very excited about our very special summer events, which begin on Wednesday, 5th July.

The world of the more-than-human holds so much wisdom and teachings for us, if only we stopped to listen.  Modern society continues to disconnect us from this beautiful animist world, a world in which we used to understand and respect so much.

In this talk Karen will highlight the ways we can open ourselves up to the more-than-human, especially the birds, and why their messages are so important at this time.  Three birds of prey will accompany Karen on this talk, allowing you to feel their energy and the message they have for you.  Animal Assisted Therapy, Feather Medicine and Bird Essences will also be introduced.

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence” – Robert Lynd

Karen spent her early years growing up in south-west Scotland, and her love of nature and
birds of prey grew from this magical place. She spent 3 years (in her teenage years)
working as a voluntary ranger guiding people on walks through local ancient woods. That
sense of being at one with nature, and the magic it has to offer, has never left her.

Academically she has an Environmental Science degree, Masters and PhD in
Environmental Geochemistry and Ecotoxicology – a deep understanding of the damage
mankind has done to our precious planet. As an academic she regularly taught ecology,
conservation studies, soil science, and environmental law at three Universities.

For the past 30 years Karen has also been pursuing her spiritual connection with Mother
Earth and has explored and trained with many teachers the ancient ways of understanding
our relationship with the Earth – bringing in shamanic traditions of North America, South
America and Celtic Shamanism. Teaching and guiding people to work with Plant Spirit
Wisdom, Bird Spirit Wisdom and Deep Earth Connection.

She has also been a falconer for the last 20 years; with 8 birds of prey in her family.
Based in Somerset, she regularly holds clinics for people co-working with her Birds of
Prey, and the forest, for a deep animistic healing experience. She is the Director of a new
CIC ‘Centre for Animal & Nature Assisted Therapy’ offering Animal & Nature Assisted
Therapy to those groups that are in need of mental health and wellbeing services.
Her passion has always been to connect people back to the non-human, back to who they
really are and get people to listen to the wisdom of the world around them.

Abbey House, doors 6.30pm for 7pm start.
This event will be ticketed due to space allowance and we very strongly recommend that you secure your ticket in advance. Tickets are £8 and available now from Man, Myth & Magik, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6. This is the shop directly next door to the entrance to Glastonbury Abbey.
Cash only please. Keeping cash (non-digital) flowing in our community.

Please leave dogs at home.

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