Wed 19th
Matt Fellows
Piercing The Temple:
Acupuncture and the Spirit

By far the most common thing said to me when I discuss acupuncture with people is; ‘Wow, I didn’t know acupuncture could help with that!’

Most people know that acupuncture can be really good at treating back pain and muscular aches and pains. Lots of people realise that the meridians run deep in to the body, so that the internal organ systems can be treated. Some people even know that issues such as depression and anxiety can be helped. However what few people realise is that acupuncture can have a massive effect on the Spirit and Soul.

In fact in ancient times, acupuncture was never about treating aches and pains. Originally it was used as a kind of ‘Spiritual Compass’ to help people reconnect with their ‘higher selves’ and the Universe at large…..

In this talk/demonstration, I will outline the history of acupuncture and how it can work with the various aspects of the Spirit, and how ancient theories are more relevant than ever in this modern era.


Matt Fellows is a rarity these days…a person born and bred in Glastonbury, whose family have lived here for as long as anyone can remember! Although he has travelled the world extensively and has a degree in social anthropology, all roads always seem to lead back home.

Having studied the Chinese Arts since his teens, he gained an acupuncture degree in 2008, and as a product of Glastonburys special ambience, after qualifying, he naturally gravitated to matters of the spirit!

In 2015, Matt and his wife Tamsin, fulfilled a long held dream of opening ‘The House of Tea & Chi,’ in his native Glastonbury town.

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