Wed 12th
Glen Tucker
Maximising your ability to Manifest

Glen will present some fail safe ways of materialising your desires.
There are many simple tools that work to help you manifest what you want, such as MAT by Archangel Michael, an Archaic Request to the Angels and some things NOT to do.
An essential part of Manifestation is being able to notice the hints that come from Synchronous events, so we will look at a number of tools to help increase your intuition and recognise which one of the four you possess is your strongest.

About Glen.
As many of you know, Glen and Colleen previously helped run the PLG in the past, Glen is a follower of Sant Mat, an Angelic Reiki Master, a Shaman in the Inca tradition, a Corporate Coach and workshop presenter of over 50 years experience.
His ability to Manifest is extensive, the latest being creating a move from Glastonbury to the idyllic Southern Spanish coast, within 4 weeks of deciding to move, establishing an amazing group of friends and colleagues there in the two years since moving, becoming the President of the International Club of Salobrena whilst continuing to expand his Global participation of the Angelic Reiki Association run principally by Colleen his wife.

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