Wed 31st
Dr Paul LaViolette
An Odyssey: From subquantum kinetics and superwaves to the B2 bomber

Paul LaViolette, a scientific rebel and critic of current physics and cosmology, will examine significant discoveries he has made during the past 50 years.

He will explain why the most cherished concepts of standard physics and astronomy need to be thrown out, e.g. a big bang origin for the universe, black holes, worm holes, dark matter, quantum mechanics, the wave-particle dualism, and more.

Dr. LaViolette will explain how subquantum kinetics (SQK) predicts the electrogravitic force effect and how we could go to Mars in days using this field propulsion technology. He will explain the principle behind the electrokinetic thruster with application to free energy generation. He will go on to explain how propulsion technology is used to propel the B2 bomber.

We will examine evidence that Star lore associated with several constellations encode information that modern science discovered only in the past 50 years. We will also investigate the 17,000 year old time capsule message encoded in the tarot and astrology which warns of a global disaster that humanity had experienced at the end of the last ice age.

He will describe his discovery of galactic superwaves and explain why the precise time of superwave arrival cannot be predicted. We will learn about his discovery that Neanderthal man became extinct during a solar-superwave catastrophe that occurred 42,000 years ago, an event apparently chronicled in the list of Kings in the ancient Egyptian royal papyrus of Turin.

Dr. LaViolette will explain how radio pulsars are actually alien communication beacons that are used for navigation communication by a federation of alien civilizations.  He may also discuss the discovery of an ETI message being sent to us about a past explosion of our Galaxy’s core.


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