Wed 6th
A.T. Mann
A New Vision of Astrology
Illustrated Talk

Astrology describes your psychology and sense of self based on your birth chart. However, essential events in your life and relationships begin in the 9th house of the chart, when your mother and father conceive you.
A New Vision of Astrology (
 ) describes the circumstances and implications of your earliest and most deeply embedded experiences from then until birth on the Ascendant (rising sign), and maps events and their implications beyond, through your life up to the present, and ahead into your future. These earliest times are not even discussed in traditional astrology, but they are especially important as they are the deep patterns of your creativity, biology, sexuality and psychology. They are also a key to your transcendence.

Life is a process in time. Gestation influences are the core of your biology, the collective unconscious, and are deeply buried and affected by your parents’ relationship. They provide patterns that are somatic – built into your body. Indeed, the nature of parent relationship during gestation is mirrored in your own relationships. We can see how to date the sequence of important events in our lives by using a transparent time scale disc to overlay print-outs of our own chart wheels ( please see ).
The physical and psychological narrative of those events is “Your Story.” Through your childhood, into maturity, up to the present, and into the future, you are navigating your lifetime.

One very good website that offers a free and easy way of viewing and printing your chart is
There is an accompanying PDF to the talk which you can see here:

Tad will be bringing some transparent overlay discs on the evening (£1) but you are welcome to print and bring your own.

A.T. Mann is an inventive and original astrologer, author of 15 books on astrology, tarot, the sacred arts, as well as a painter and architect. His books include: The Round Art; The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation; A New Vision of Astrology; The Mandala Astrological Tarot; and Sacred Sexuality. Tad lectures and teaches internationally and is available for consultations before and after the talk. He lives in Hudson, NY.

CONSULTATIONS IN GLASTONBURY and the UK Life Time Astrology readings (which take about 1.5 hours and are £200), tarot and other types of astrology readings are available on Wednesday and Thursday, but are limited. Contact Tad for details or to book a reading at

Tad will be in conversation on Gfm Radio at 5.15pm on Wednesday 6th.

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