Wed 22nd
Miguel Dean
Into The Light

‘There is a wind of change that is blowing across the planet and The Great Awakening is underway. More and more people are realising that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option. The current paradigm of ‘power over’ is reaching its end and a new more beautiful paradigm is being birthed.’ ~ Miguel Dean

From a challenging start to life, Miguel spiralled down into a life of crime, violence, addiction and homelessness. The love of his new born son inspired him to take responsibility and make changes.
This evening Miguel Dean will weave together his own inspirational story with that of humanity’s unfolding story at this pivotal time in our evolution.
Miguel is passionate about his empowerment of disadvantaged members of society as he believes that people need all the empowering they can get to assist them in what lies ahead at this challenging time. He sees the lack of well-being amongst many people, such as young carers, homeless people and offenders, as the effect of an increasingly dysfunctional society. More recently he has evolved into a profoundly effective catalyst for change, in his local community and for the adults whose lives he touches. This is his work at the causal level: guiding and inspiring from darkness to light, using wisdom integrated from his own challenging journey.
Miguel’s message is one of hope and empowerment and it is his wish that we leave inspired, moved and equipped with new perspectives and ways to contribute our gifts in service of the Great Shift which is unfolding on our planet.
From a higher soul perspective, in the grand cosmic scheme of things it may be that everything is unfolding perfectly.

Miguel profile

‘Miguel Dean is an inspiring speaker and an inspiring man. Authentic, sincere and courageous, he speaks as a man who has walked a journey, experienced hardship and discovered beauty along the way.’
Mac Macartney- visionary earth activist, author and founder of Embercombe

Miguel Dean Stepping Stones In The Mist

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