Wed 15th
Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs
Love, Letting Go & Living With Nature

What is love and how do we let go? How do we step out of our drama and interact with others and their “stuff”? And where does our relationship with the Earth come in? This talk will also feature a group healing on this topic with every person in the audience receiving a unique personal purification.

Jacqueline is known for her unique ability to transform people’s vibration through her presence, word and touch. Her personal journey has taken her through spiritual experiences and advanced studies in Tibet, China and India. Jacqueline writes a popular blog and gives talks on working with a variety of energies, healing, intuition, entity and space clearing,

Tonight she will present a beautiful, love~filled and expansive evening in Glastonbury on the week in which we celebrate St. Valentine. Gaia

Jacqueline on her work:

‘Group events such as this talk, as well as my silent purification groups are a great opportunity for a powerful purification and the dropping of personal issues. If you have recently had a remote focus or in-personal session with me, please come in order to deepen in your ongoing personal process. Or if anyone you know would be interested in this topic and would like to experience my work, do bring them along’.
For more information about Jacqueline’s work, do have a look at her website:
Jacqueline Love Diamond Heart

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