Wed 14th
Merlin of Avalon
Celtic Gnosis
Solstice Circle

Please join us as the winter solstice grows near and we celebrate our year together at the concluding Inner Light talk of 2022. This is of course, for many of us, a time when we also turn within, as nature and many of her creatures do at this point in the wheel. A season in which we reflect on our year, on what we have created and enjoyed, on what we have learned and considered, and on what we have, or are, processing and releasing, or perhaps calibrating at this time.

We are living in a time of tremendous change on our planet in many ways, and how lucky we are to be in this very special part of the world. This is a time for inner wisdom and nurturing, both of ourselves and of others. It is in the coldest part of the year, at a time when many aspects of society are not being utilised well, that we have opportunity for increased kindness, compassion, and a sense of true community.

For this special winter’s evening, we are delighted to welcome a friend, bard, astrologer, and seer who will journey with us into the essence of the meaning of this time.

Druids were called ‘knowers of truth.” Bards are divinely inspired by Awen.
Arthurian knights quested for the Holy Grail. The Celtic saints were conduits for the Holy Spirit.
The Gnostics spoke of the light within the spiritual heart.
There is a universal wisdom to be found within the mystery schools of Europe,
before and after the influence of Christianity, and outside of organised religion.
Realizing the divine spark within all creation is the essence of these ancient teachings, which Merlin will be sharing with us.
Merlin is a local speaker, ceremonialist, and bard who has been a practitioner of various forms of esoteric traditions for over 35 years, including astrology, earth energies, alchemy, and meditation techniques. He is particularly known for his connection to the indigenous ancestors of Albion and Avalon. As a well known teacher of both shamanic and gnostic ancient wisdom, Merlin promotes a non-denominational approach to universal spirituality, encouraging multi-faith dialogue, to build bridges and heal sectarian division.
As has become a tradition for the group at this time of the year, we will have a “Secret Solstice” gift exchange as part of the circle tonight. Please bring a thoughtfully wrapped gift to brighten someone’s day or solstice and make them smile. This can be a bought gift or a handmade one (no food please). The evening will take place indoors (or mostly indoors), and there will be hot tea and organic biscuits.
Abbey House, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury.
Doors open at 6.30pm for a start at 7pm.
We finish between approximately 9pm and 9.30pm.
£7.00 in advance or on the door, subject to space.
Advance booking is advised for this evening.
Tickets can be found at Man, Myth & Magik (next to the Abbey). Advance tickets / collection on Wednesday 14th will be up until approx. 3.30pm, after which, on the door after 6.30pm.

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