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Maria-Teresa Harmer
Elen’s Flora:
The magical, folk and medicinal properties
of some Winter plants
associated with
Elen of the Ways

A warming evening at Abbey House just ahead of Winter Solstice with Maria-Teresa Harmer.

Maria-Teresa Harmer is a Priestess of Elen within the Fellowship of Isis as well as a Ceremonial Magician. Magic is a way of life for Maria-Teresa and she teaches ceremonial procedure and magical thinking from beginner to advanced from solo to group work. She is an Initiate of the Servants of the Light School and supervised their students for many years. She has taught ceremonial magic for the SOL but has now left to run her own school, the Companions of the House of Life, its Lodge and Outer Court. Maria-Teresa runs workshops and retreats in all aspects of magic within the Western Mysteries. She has an MA in Anthropology – which is in part what led her to magic and is also a trained homeopath. Maria-Teresa taught homeopathy for some years before semi-retiring. She is particularly interested in the cross-over between Anthropology, Healing and Magic and this is at the heart of her talk. She contributed a chapter to the book Finding Elen: The Quest for Elen of the Ways edited by Caroline Wise on which this talk is partly based.

The talk this evening stems from my work as a Priestess of Elen but also from my other lives as an anthropologist,  homeopath and magician. I shall be looking at how these plants and trees connect with Elen of the Ways, specifically their correspondences. As a homeopath I am especially interested in their medicinal properties which I shall also discuss and as an anthropologist I shall look at some of the mythic and folk traditions associated with them.  As a magician I am interested in their magical properties and how best to ‘contact’ and work with them and use them in ceremonies.

Limited spaces. There will be 35 tickets available for this event in advance from Man, Myth & Magic, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury from Thursday 28th November. Some remaining tickets will be available on the door on the evening itself.

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