Sat 21st
World Harmony Meditation Gathering

Now a regular quarterly event, we will meet atop the Tor at 12:00 noon this Saturday 21st December for a World Harmony Peace Meditation.

These meetings are a wonderful way to join together in sending love to our precious earth and to all beings from specific earth energy points around the planet. You can join in from wherever you are, in whatever situation and whichever place in the world you are at the time. However, it is really lovely to join in with others if you can and from particularly powerful energy nodes.

On each occasion that we have gathered in circle we have experienced a profound connection with one another and our surroundings and the event has been very special.
If it is not possible or if you prefer not to climb the Tor,  the energies will also be strong from its base.

The meditation is extremely simple and yet extremely powerful:

Further reading:

The event is free of charge.
It is not specifically a PLG event but is a community gathering inspired by the research and dowsing work of Geobiologist Rory Duff.

Main image: ‘Protection’. ©Glastonbury PLG 2019.

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