Thurs 20th
Solstice & Christmas Healing Circle

At last year’s Winter Solstice we held a special evening to encompass the feeling of the season, embracing it’s deep spirituality and it’s festive celebrations.

This year for our Winter Solstice/Christmas gathering, Glastonbury Positive Living Group are delighted that teacher & healer, Divyael, will be joining us to acknowledge and celebrate what has been a wonderful year of friendship and community, great learning and fun.
Divyael works with the Activation of Divine Consciousness to Awaken the Heart and to clear & release emotional blockages. His evenings are extremely gentle and at the same time they are deeply powerful.
Our intention is to meet together in a space of beautiful energies, to listen to wisdom teachings and to nurture and nourish ourselves whilst surrounded by friends, now and through times ahead.
We will have a table for festive snacks and a tree. Offerings of veggie or vegan snacks would be very welcomed.
There will again be our sitting together in circle where those who would like to share of a poem, a story, a song, a smile, or simply how you are feeling and what your Intentions are for the season and ahead, are most welcome to do so.
This is an evening for everyone.
For some, this season is full of joy and for others it can be challenging. Let’s together brighten the flame of friendship and community so that every single one of us may carry this glow through the winter, for ourselves and for one another.
Please bring along a thoughtful, wrapped gift of at least the value of £5 (more if you wish). Something that will really add to uplifting someone’s day. We will place our gift in the circle for another to receive and we shall be receiving a gift from the circle.
Divyael’s journey began with meditation and feeling drawn to healing. As his own practice developed he taught meditation groups and later, healing with great reverence and respect to Goddess Kwan Yin.
In the year 2000 at Ganesh Puri, the Indian ashram of Sadguru Nityananda, Divyael found himself recognising a number of extraordinary events and experiences in which he found himself becoming enlightened by the spirit of Guru Nityananda. In this, he received the blessing of Krishna Consciousness, also known as Christ Consciousness.
A year later he became aware of how to use this gift for the benefit of others and he describes this as Divine Consciousness.
Since his awaking experience in India, Divyael has been working internationally to awaken the Sacred Heart in those who are ready to receive higher consciousness.
He works with Divine Light and the Master of Light to clear and unlock blockages which can be holding us back. This work is to open into healing and awakening at a higher vibration of being and with a clearer connection with each individual’s own Teachers, Guides and Higher Self.
Doors from 7pm for start at 7.30pm.
£5 on the door.
This will be our last group gathering for 2019 and we look forward to sharing in the evening together as we reflect with gratitude on what has been an incredibly magical year of talks, great connections and friendships made and built on.
We look forward to seeing you in the new year. Watch this space for our 2019 programme!



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