Wed 8th

Musician, Bob Hillary
How to stay Sane in a world going mad

This talk will be rescheduled. Watch this space for updates!

Shamanic practitioner & Earth Protector Bob Hillary offers an interactive talk in response to these times. How do we stay sane & centred in these times..? He will be talking about how we are currently shifting from 3rd dimensional reality – to 5th dimensional reality, how this explains the seeming chaos on the planet right now, & why having a strong Spiritual Practise is SO important in these times.

Bob will be talking about his experience of unplugging from the system & living Off-Grid in Wales for 2 years..what he learnt – & how we can all use the tips & tools he learnt from that time: Simplication. Downscaling. How to unplug from technology. Connecting deeply with Nature, & most importantly of to keep our Consciousness high in these times of transition & chaos.

He will be playing some of his songs, & offering a channelled ‘Light-Language’ healing transmission at the end of the talk.

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